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    Things For Kids

    Learn Photoshop Course for Kids Singapore

    Photoshop is the direct doorway for your child to enter the world of their imagination. Let them do this with our Photoshop Course for Kids Singapore
    one to one class

    One To One Focused Session

    A one-to-one focused session provides students with the opportunity to use all of their brain power rather than relying on their surroundings.
    expert teacher

    Online Courses

    We offer online Photoshop classes for kids Singapore ages 6 to 18 to develop their creativity.
    superfast support

    Superfast Support

    The support we provide to kids, parents, and faculties is top-notch.
    Learn Photoshop Course for Kids Singapore
    top notch teacher

    Top Notch Teacher

    With our teachers' passion, empathy and patience, we help students develop their logical and computational thinking skills Providing.
    edutech platform

    Edutech platform

    We provide a platform for online Photoshop course for kids singapore to upgrade the quality of learning.
    best simulation

    Best Simulation

    A simulation-based educational method is one that is intended to magnify real-world experiences
    Learn Photoshop:

    Fun with Photoshop for Kids

    We help to translate your child's ideas into reality, teach you how to process photos, make collages, draw, create website and banner designs. In this course, you will learn how to use and manipulate photographs as a starting point. Basic editing, retouching and colour correcting of digital imagery. The goal is to kick start your creative engine, and help to equip you with the essential skills and knowledge to make beautiful and interesting images.
    Fun with Photoshop for Kids
    Playing in learning

    Our Courses

    With Inspigenius, we always put the quality of teaching children first, please rest assured when sending children at Inspigenius.


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